Recent demonstrations in public spaces of our cities are confirming a profound crisis of political institutions worldwide. While citizens are claiming a change in national political agendas to ask for more focus on their own everyday life concerns and less on global finances, public squares are emerging as places of political discussion. Moved by this contemporary interest, Intermediate Unit 8 have worked on redefining what constitutes a public space today, which is the role of the architect and the agency of people, and how innovation on fabrication methods might serve as fundamental tools for constructing a city of the commons.

This year the work of the unit has been located in the city of Mexico, a metropolis developed under neoliberal rules for the last two decades. The particular site for the unit work has been the massive modernist housing complex of Tlatelolco, and more specifically, the Plaza de las Tres Culturas. This urban square is well known not only for the mixed presence of Aztec, Spanish Colonial and Modernist constructions, but also for its past political life including the students’ massacre before 1968 Olympic Games. Based on a confrontation with the everyday life in the city, students have researched on the most “mundane” contemporary issues, including insecurity, informal economy, drug cartels, social segregation or cultural repression. These issues are the ones employed as alternative micro-agendas to inform the public space of today. After intense research and reflection on the realities of the city, students have proposed different material and programmatic tactics, reflecting on how traditional construction methods can be used to generate new fabrication techniques in which citizens have a more active role. Therefore, social participation and public action are considered a fundamental part in the definition of new political spaces as an endless process of contestation, negotiation and transformation.


Exhibition AA Projects Review 2012 PFIII


Day 2

Day 3

Days 4 & 5

Day 6 

Thank you very much to Andreas, Anand, Andrew, Camille, Carlotta, Eleni, Elliot, Erez, Fragkiskos, Frederique & specially to Hao Wen, for your strong effort to make such a beautiful exhibition. the energy in the unit this year was clearly reflected in the vibrant environment we have created there.    


External Examiner 3rd years

Congratulations to all third years for passing the RIBA Part 1, and especially for Fragkiskos Konstantatos for his High Pass. It was a pleasure to teach you and hope to meet you again in the future.
Nuria & Francisco

Image by Fragkiskos Konstantatos (3rd year-High Pass)


Last tutorials

After 3rd year "tables" we will have our last meeting on Thursday 14th of June to prepare last pieces for external examiners. Please come as follows,

2.00 Eleni
2.30 Erez

3.00 Fragkiskos
3.30 Anand
4.00 Andrew


Exhibition Teams

Following meeting two weeks ago the exhibition teams are,

Group 1:  Drawing printing, frames and placing.Carlotta, Camille, Eleni

Group 2: Construction of exhibition site
Hao Wen, Fragkiskos, Anand, 

Group 2: Painting and curating Models 
Andreas, Andrew

Group 4: Video editing (Animations, Hooke Park and research videos)
Frederick, Eliot, Erez


W31 - 3rd year reviews

Next Tuesday 11th afternoon all 3rd year students will have their AA Reviews for Part 1 in the Lecture Hall, North Jury Room and South Jury Room as follows,

Panel 1

2.00 Ms Eleni Tzavellou Gavala
2.30 Mr Erez Levinberg
3.00 Mr Andrew Bardzik
3.30 Mr Anand Naiknavare
4:00 Mr Fragkiskos Ioannis Konstantatos


W30-Tutorials - Final Check 3rd year portfolios

On Friday 8th of June tutorials we will give the final check to 3rd year portfolios. please come with your portfolios printed and videos edited as follows,

11.00 Fragkiskos
12.00 Anand
2.00 Andrew
3.00 Erez
4.00 Eleni

Tutorials will be in 38 Second Floor Back



Monday 4th of June tutorials are as follows,

2.00 Anand
2.30 Andrew
3.00 Erez
3.30 Fragkiskos
4.00 Eleni

As the AA is closed we will meet at My hotel close to Morwell street.


W29- Portfolio Reviews and Second year final check

Friday 1st of June will be the final check for 2nd year portfolios before the tables and tutorials for 3rd years. Please come as follows,

10.30 Elliot
11.15 Andreas
12.00 Carlotta
12.45 Camille

2.00 Frederique
2.45 Hao Wen
3.00 Erez
3.30 Andrew
4.00 Anand
4.30 Fragkiskos
5.00 Eleni

W30 - 2nd year Reviews/tables

Next Wednesday 6th of June all 2nd year students will have their Reviews at the Rear Second Presentation Room

14.00 Miss Frederique Paraskevas
14.30 Mr Andreas Stylianou
15.00 Miss Camille Corthouts
15.30 Mr Hao Wen Lim
16:00 Mr Elliot Rogosin
16:30 Miss Carlotta Conte

Please bring all your models, videos, manuals and portfolios, and be on time!

Photo by Valerie Bennet